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Do you want to take the bus to the Innovation Park?

The Innovation Park is located at Ullandhaug. As a part of the University Campus area and the significant need for public transport links, ensures that there are good bus connections to and from Ullandhaug.

The following buses will take you to Ipark: 6, 7, E90, X60.
The following buses will take you to Ullandhaug and then a 4 minutes walk to Ipark: 6, 7, E90, X60, N86, X73 og X76.

To easily get around with Kolumbus we recommend that you download the following free aps before traveling:

- Kolumbus Reise (find your itinerary)

- Kolumbus Billett (buy tickets)

- Kolumbus Sanntid (always know when the bus arrives)

If you want to find your itinerary from your computer go to Kolumbus webpages here. Write where you want to travel to and from.

The easiest way to buy a ticket for your travel is through the Kolumbus app. Click here for more information and explanation on how the app works.

N.B.: please note that during summer period there will be another timetable. Click here for more information.

Do you want to travel by bike to the Innovation Park?

Not a problem at all. Biking to the Innovation Park is a nice experience, either you bike through Sørmarka or pass the monument Swords in Rock.

Take a look at Stavanger kommune’s bike maps here.

We also have inndoor parking for bikes, with access control and the possibility for wash and air.

Hjemjobbhjem and Bysykkelen: Ipark Eiendom is now working to become a Hjemjobbhjemm company. This means that as a tenant at the Innovation Park you will get discounted tickets to all public transport and free use of electric bikes. We will also set up charging stations for electric bikes over the summer. You can read more about Hjemjobbhjem here, and more about Bysykkelen here.

The Airport shuttle (Flybussen): Flybussen takes you to Sola Lufthavn, Stavanger Airport. It goes through Ullandhaug area and stops at Prof. Olav Hanssens vei. Click her for more information and time schedule.